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It was recently announced over at Deadline that director Sam Mendes would not be returning to direct another James Bond, Mendes: “I think it’s time for somebody else”. He has recently directed by “Skyfall” and “Spectre” the former being in my opinion one of the better in the entire franchise, along with Mendes leaving it was announced that Daniel Craig would not return after turning down a big money contract for two further films. Along with the departure of director and leading man, “Spectre” marked the end of the Sony deal with Eon Productions meaning the future of the franchise could be up for a shuffle, now the Bond role is up for grabs, so is the opportunity to helm this brilliant franchise. So here are our 5 names who we think could be viable contenders for the 27th Bond film.

Christopher Nolan
01 - Chris NolanOkay, this is a given really Christopher Nolan is probably the go to name on most people lists mine included, or hypothetical conversations we all tend to have. However, that does not necessarily mean it’s a bad choice, Nolan himself has also expressed a “serious” interest in directing a Bond film. With the franchise entering a “reboot period” Nolan would be a perfect choice to jump on board and breathe new life into the franchise, he rebooted Batman into what some people consider some of the greatest comic films in history, when watching the Nolan trilogy of Bat films they have a Bond vibe to them. I have always thought given the approach Nolan took to the Batman trilogy I could easily see him helming the Bond franchise, drop the Batsuit and Bale acts very much like Bond throughout the franchise. Nolan I find has a similar approach in storytelling to Sam Mendes while serious there is also an over the top element to his work which is exactly what Bond needs.

Christopher McQuarrie
(Left to right) Rosamund Pike is Helen and Tom Cruise is Reacher in JACK REACHER, from Paramount Pictures and Skydance Productions. OS-15301CRWhile Christopher McQuarrie only has 3 directing credits currently under his belt, in recent years he has helmed “Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation” and “Jack Reacher” two box office hits and well received critically films. The former having a very much Bond vibe about them, if not a bit more action heavy more well done though. I think the Bond franchise could do with an injection of what McQuarrie brings to the table, not only at the helm he also brings writing credits that seen him win an Academy Award for “The Usual Suspects” and the 2014 blockbuster “Edge Of Tomorrow”. Not only would McQuarrie be able to write a tense dramatical thriller he can also craft big action scenes, just look at the action sequences in “Rogue Nation” from the intense plane scene to the huge dodging and weaving of the motorcycle chase through Moroccan streets.

Denis Villeneuve

03 - Denis VilleneuveDenis Villeneuve may seem like a bit of a wild card to some, I would have felt the same but recently I watched “Sicario” and what that man done with a $30 million budget made “Spectre” and its $250 million budget look like a student film. Along with his more recent work on “Sicario” in 2013 Denis Villeneuve directed the intense thriller “Prisoners”, a combination of the type in tone would be a welcomed addition to the Bond franchise. Potentially turning out the most intense Bond to date, plus if Villeneuve was to take the helm he could possibly bring with him Roger Deakins which lets be honest is a HUGE bonus his work on “Skyfall” added so much to that film.

Susanne Bier
04 - Susanne BierSusanne Bier is more recently known for her work on the critically acclaimed BBC hit show “The Night Manager” starring Tom Hiddlestone, which many people myself included have referred to as an audition tape for the Bond job for both Bier and Hiddlestone. For me, she is the absolute perfect choice to take the franchise back to what it could and should be, not only has Bier worked in television, she is also an Academy Award winning director, back in 2010 her Danish dramatic thriller “In A Better World” a film she also wrote, so not only does Bier come with recent success she also has critical acclaim under her belt. You just have to look at “The Night Manager” to see why Bier is truly one of the best choices to take the Bond franchise forward.

Cary Fukunga
05 - Cary FukunagaCary Fukunga may not be a name familiar to that many people, however in recent years he has made some incredible film or television. He directed critically acclaimed “Beasts Of No Nation” and also directed the entire first season of “True Detective”, he exploded onto the screen in 2009 with Spanish language thriller “Sin Nombre” which was an incredibly gripping film that really showcased his ability to build tension. The only issue I see with Fukunga, is that he isn’t really a household name yet, so could be a little harder for him to draw in a big crowd.

As mentioned in article, my go to would be Susanne Bier what she was able to create using less money than it cost to get Daniel Craig in the most recent film. The money Craig was paid was roughly £30 million for “Spectre”, for that money lone Susanne Bier could have made 10 episodes of “The Night Manager” quality television, so what she could do with £150+ million excites me to no end. Plus with the team that Bier has also built, she already has the quality in her ranks to spark some new life into a franchise that has become a little stagnant. I’ll be the first to admit, throughout the Daniel Craig reign I haven’t enjoyed Bond all that much, I loved Skyfall but the rest felt a bit flat, I got countless times more enjoyment from the 6 episodes of “The Night Manager” than the previous 4 films combined. No disrespect meant to Craig himself, just as a whole I’ve struggled to enjoy, and have zero fears I would not enjoy future films in Bier was to takeover.

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