Here’s The Lowedown on “Skyscraper” (PG-13 – Theatrical – US)




Or: “The Rock does Die Hard”

Genre: Action/Heist


Like it or not, Dwayne Johnson is the biggest action star (and I’m not just talking about is 275lb frame) out there right now. When you go to watch one of his movies, you can expect over the top action and not a whole lot of feelings.  I’m still kind of surprised that in “San Andreas” he didn’t just close the fault back up with his biceps or stop the earthquake with his pecs. This being the era of The Rock, we see Johnson in at least 2 or 3 movies a year…Skyscraper being the 3rd I’ve seen in 2018. While I wait with teeth grinding anticipation for the “Big Trouble in Little China” reboot, let’s get the Lowedown on Skyscraper with an aspect breakdown.


Dwayne Johnson is worth three points for his biceps alone…I know I went to the theater just cause I knew he’s in it.  Neve Campbell returns to the silver screen as the wife and earns two points…then Chin Han and Byron Mann earn one point each.  This was enough to earn seven points out of the gate.


The acting was actually pretty good across the board…I would probably award five points if Neve Campbell wasn’t in this movie. Campbell still has the chops and really stole the show from an acting standpoint.  I will have to add a couple points just for her…so that would make seven points here too.


A security expert must infiltrate a burning skyscraper, 225 stories above ground when his family are trapped inside by criminals. Ok…it’s really “Die Hard” only with a bigger building and a bigger hero. Did that make it better? Not by a long shot…but it was a simple concept that allows for little need for character development.  Eight points for plot…yay!


The biggest thing I want in an ending is closure. But from an action movie, I want the most epic action at the end than the rest of the film. I definitely got the action and the closure…the foreshadowing made the ending predictable, so I can’t give full points.  Let’s say eight points for the ending…


I was not a fan of the story…they left a lot of holes just to try to explain what Johnson did and why the bad guys were in the building. There was a bit too much character development for Johnson, but not enough for Campbell and her role was just as important. Throwing a five at the building for the story.

Favorite Quote: “If you can’t fix it with duct tape… you ain’t using enough duct tape.”

Get your marshmallows ready...

Genre: Action


It’s an action movie and that means I WANT VIOLENCE!!! I can’t award full points for this, as it’s PG-13.  It’s like putting a noise suppressor on a Harley…it kind of defeats the purpose. But I guess the purpose was to make as much money as possible in the Theater.  As such, nine points will go to this movie for the epic sky crane jump.


An Action movie, unlike Drama, needs to have a great pace. The acting and the story can’t keep you, so it has to be the explosions and car chases. The pace was good…a little lag at the beginning with the character development, but once the fit hits the shan (see how I switched that?) the pace is really good. Seven points for Slytherin.


For an Action movie…I want great CGI sure, but I want some real stunt work. I realize you have to do some things with a computer and a green screen…I also want some work with a stunt crew and the actors doing some of their own stuff. This was the one great thing about the film! The fire F/X was great and the stunts in and out of the building were nice. Ten points will be added to the score…

Think she misses fighting Ghostface?







Sub-Genre: Heist


Sorry if this is a spoiler, but of course you have to know the bad guys are after something right? If they are trying to take something as the main plot, then this is a heist movie. I just wasn’t feeling what they were trying to do. I can’t say it was good or bad, so I’ll go with meh here…Five points.


In a heist movie, I want chemistry with the robbers. A definite leader and a team of specialists to perform a certain task is what I want to see.  While there is a leader, the rest of the team is not fully realized. Despite them being armed. At no point did I feel like they could beat The Rock…six points.

My Score: 7.2

“Skyscraper” does not hold it’s weight as a heist movie, but it’s pretty solid as a straight up action flick. It manages to one-up Die Hard in height alone…it’s taller but it will never be bigger. It’s the same thing I told my kids when they became taller than me in junior high school. If you didn’t get to see this in the theater…just hang in there for the video release.

Hang might enjoy this

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