Review: The Big Sick

Everybody has been saying that this movie is amazing. “It’s so good, it’s like the best comedy of the year, or something.” And I was having some pretty extreme doubts about this because Judd Apatow was tied so heavily to this movie. He was so vocal about it and so involved in photo shoots and interviews that I just assumed the guy directed it. And quite honestly, Apatow hasn’t directed anything remotely watchable since 2005.


Little did I know that Apatow was just a very involved producer, and that the film was actually directed by Michael Showalter… which makes sense, because this movie is absolutely phenomenal.


Every single performance is done flawlessly. Every single character is so developed and purposeful that it not only puts all other 2017 comedies to shame, but it essentially puts every single movie I’ve currently seen in 2017 to shame as well. It’s so refreshing that in a world where what constitutes as a comedy these days is just a bunch of poorly written characters spouting out constant hyperboles, sex jokes, and cursing, there comes a movie every once in a while that realizes that real life, tragedy, and the human experience can be extremely funny, and this movie utilizes this type of sincere humor with absolute perfection.


The script was written in such a way that you could easily care about every character on screen, and it felt like every single word of dialogue had meaning and purpose. What’s even more shocking about this is that the script relies so heavily on comedy. In fact, there is probably not a five minute stretch of the film that goes without telling a joke. But the humor is so organic and meaningful that it almost never felt like the movie was trying too hard to be funny. What’s more, the film also excellently executed every emotional scene they intended to.




Kumail Nanjiani and Zoe Kazan were both fantastic in their roles, and their chemistry was so solid that it was effortless to watch them together. What made them even better is that the movie was not afraid to give them meaningful flaws. As a result, whenever any sort of conflict does happen between them, it never felt forced or tacked on.


One of the most shocking things about this movie is that Ray Romano not only plays an actual character in this movie, but he plays it absolutely on-point. Maybe it was just shocking to me because all I know him from is his self-titled sitcom and Ice Age, but good grief, was he ever the biggest surprise in this movie.

Holly Hunter was equally as amazing, if not more so. She may very well have been the most entertaining character of them all (and trust me, that’s saying something with this movie). Her character arc with Romano was just as touching, if not more so, than the one with Nanjiani and Kazan.




Every single other character does great. Kumail’s stuck-up, religious, traditional parents were hilarious and charming. Bo Burnham is in this movie too, and despite the fact that he basically plays Bo Burnham, he still delivered a great performance.




The soundtrack in this movie worked well when it needed to be used, and it was never a detractor from the film.

The cinematography was usually fine, but it did have its moments of excellence here and there.



When I realized there were going to be stand-up comedy bits in this movie, I had some extreme doubts. To my surprise, not only were many of them entertaining, but the stand-up bits frequently were used as character development in an authentic way.


There are very small critiques I have for the film, and most of them are not worth mentioning except one: the film frequently utilizes audio from other takes of a scene, and it was so obvious they did so because what certain characters said did not match their lips, and once or twice they would even put spoken audio in when it was clear they weren’t even talking in the first place. It seems like such a minor criticism, and I honestly wouldn’t have mentioned it if it didn’t happen so many times in the film.


The Big Sick is still an absolutely fantastic film, and it would be a terrible loss to you if you did not see it. This is currently my favorite movie of the year, and it is easily my favorite comedy of the past six years….. if not more so, and I’m giving this movie a

9 out of 10.

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