Review: mother!

I guess I’ll finally get to talking about this.

mother! is an interesting movie to talk about because it doesn’t really follow a classical narrative structure. Sure, it has plot, characters, and a general message, but its heavy reliance on symbolism seems to push all those other elements to the side, as if the rest of these elements aren’t as important as the actual symbolism.


Now obviously this might turn some people off. My brother and I saw this movie, and neither of us were necessarily confused by it (…for the most part), and we came to extremely similar conclusions, but he left underwhelmed while I left thinking about the movie non-stop.


I’ve now thought about this movie constantly for over 24 hours. I love this movie, and I want to see it again.



Now even though this movie treats most of its cinematic parts with more ambiguity than most, the whole movie still holds together because they still handle all of these parts with care and purpose. This causes the ambiguity to feel more like an intentional story element instead of something that masks bad writing and poor direction.



The cinematography of the movie creates an extreme feeling of unease as it constantlyfocuses on Jennifer Lawrence, the main actor in the film. This movie honestly feels like a nightmare at moments: the feeling of being trapped, of being unable to affect your surroundings. I honestly think this movie captures the feeling of half of my dreams.

Everyone in this movie acts well within their roles. The character development is kind of iffy because, as stated above, most of these characters act more like symbols than actual people.


The movie picks up during the final act, and it gets so crazy, and sometimes disturbing, that the feeling of being in a nightmare becomes more and more real while watching the series of events. The disturbing parts of the movie may very well turn off some viewers.


The movie has some extremely obvious parallels to something else, and I won’t say what exactly because it would spoil a large portion of this movie. I’m obviously not the only one who realized these parallels, and I honestly didn’t catch them until I went onto IMDb and checked the character names for this movie (don’t do this by the way if you haven’t seen the movie and plan on seeing it soon).

These parallels honestly made mother! that much more enjoyable for me, but the parallels don’t need to be noticed in order for you to enjoy this film.




mother! is a freaking crazy ride, and I truly believe it will be a film talked about for a very long time. Not everyone is going to enjoy this movie, mainly because of the somewhat lack of story-structure and because of the disturbing material, but no one can deny that this is a film worth seeing.

There are some people who are calling this “the worst movie of the year”, and those people are dense idiots. That doesn’t mean that it’s wrong if you hate it. But this movie wouldn’t even make my bottom 30 list of this year. And in all honestly, it will likely be in my top ten.

There’s some people who are also calling this movie “anti-Christian”. I don’t really get those criticisms. But I will probably see mother! again, so if I find these statements valid the next time, then I’ll let you know. This movie may bump up higher the next time I see it, but for now I’m giving it an

8 out of 10.

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