The Lowedown on “Mission Impossible: Fallout”

Mission Impossible: Fallout

“Mission Impossible: Fallout”

or “My heart rate monitor thinks I’m running…”

Mission Impossible: Fallout

Genre: Action/Thriller

In this the sixth instalment of the franchise, I was just going to buy it when it came out to video. There were just too many movies that I wanted to see in the theater and I was going to get it anyway…then I read all the reviews and heard people talking about it. Oh ok, twist my arm…so I went to see it. Man was it intense! My daughter said it was too stressful for her…that’s just my game. You want to give me an action movie that has me white knuckling it…I’m your huckleberry! Let’s saddle up for the O.K. Corral in true Lowedown fashion and break this movie down.


Most of the cast returns for Fallout, so it’s a great ensemble. We, unfortunately, lose Jeremy Renner but we gain Henry Cavill.  That’s like going from Hawkeye to Superman in one shot…oh wait, that’s exactly what happened! Add in Angela Bassett and a few others and I have to give the full ten points.


There are some great actors in the bunch…Simon Pegg and Michelle Monaghan stood out for me.  It was great to see Monaghan with a larger role in the franchise, where we usually get a cameo. If the acting is to get ten points, then that means an Oscar-worthy performance. It wasn’t quite that good, but it was solid…eight points for Hufflepuff.


Ethan Hunt and his IMF team face what’s left of the Syndicate….a group calling themselves the Apostles. When a mission to retrieve nuclear cores fails, the team must race against the clock to stop the Apostles and their new leader…John Lark. I can’t give it full points…it’s a great plot but has been done before. Nine points for the IMF to help them win.


What a nail-biter…wow! This was where I had to take an extra blood pressure pill, as a lot of stuff was happening at the same time in different spots. There just seemed to be a level of intensity that I do not remember having from the previous films. Think of it like taking a Red Bull and pouring two of those five-hour energy shots…I was wound up like a seven-day clock. Ten points for the good guys!


I really liked how the story played out…the intensity was a given, but there was very little lag during the film. With always something to pay attention to, it makes for a great movie. The only thing that bugged me is with all the MI, even though it looks like they messed up everything went according to plan. I didn’t get that here…it really made like they messed up. Nine points to the score.

Who needs a phone booth?

Favorite Quote: “There cannot be peace without first a great suffering. The greater the suffering, the greater the peace.”

Genre: Action


Oh yeah…it’s violent! Explosions, car chases, fights in the bathroom…you name it and they did it.  I like that Tom Cruise does a lot of his own stunts. He even broke his foot jumping from one building to another. All in all, I was very pleased with the violence and award ten magical points for that violence.


There is always something going on…even when they are planning an attack there was intensity. “You use a scalpel, I prefer a hammer.” My heart rate was on a roller coaster…just as I started to calm down a bit, the action amped up. It was like they did it on purpose…I’ll give them a nine and a big thank you for the interval training. Calories burned during the movie: 107


The explosions…the stunts…the whole thing was just EPIC! There was a lot of green screen stuff, but not as much CGI as you would think considering what they did. I really admire that in an action film; which is why I score for effects as a whole and not CGI (see Infinity War). Ten points awarded for this film…it’s a dream for the action junkie.

Justice League's CGI issue explained

Sub-Genre: Thriller


What makes a thriller is how intense it is.  You have been on the edge of your seat in breathless anticipation…just waiting for something to happen. That intensity was in so many places that even my daughter had a problem with it. I can’t help but give this film ten points.

Fate whispers to the warrior.

There’s a storm coming.

And the warrior whispers back.

I am the storm.


There is a solid twist…that is something that gives a Thriller such a good ending (he was a ghost all along!!). Unfortunately, I saw the twist coming pretty early.  That’s ok, though…the ending was still great and the twist was a factor of that ending. I will have to give this film seven points for a good but predictable twist.

My Score: 9.2

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to go see this movie.  If you decide to wait for the video release, it is well worth a watch for any action junkie. I know some people do not care for Tom Cruise, but I can’t help but praise his work ethic and the quality of his movies. Just do what ‘ol Jack Burton does at a time like this…look that big storm right in the eye and say, “Give me your best shot pal…I can take it!”

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