The Lowedown on “Solo: A Star Wars Story” (PG-13 – Theatrical – US)

Solo: A Star Wars Story


Genre: Sci-Fi/Space


Said to be the first Star Wars movie to lose money in the box office, “Solo: A Star Wars Story” seems to have come out too early. I didn’t feel there was anything wrong with it…just that if you’re going to release a Star Wars movie, you need to hold off and let us fanboys start foaming at the mouth before releasing another film.  This is how Episode 1 made so much money.  I think Disney has caught on and put all other spin-offs on hold until after episode IX is released.  I am still hoping for a Boba Fett movie at some point…but I wanted a Silver Surfer movie too and we see how that worked out.  So let’s break this down as only The Lowedown can…with no Jedi mind tricks and no painkillers.


It’s a pretty solid cast…I do not recognize the lead but you have Paul Bettany, Emilia Clarke, Thandie Newton, Donald Glover, and at the centre of the cast is Woody Harrelson.  Woody is worth three points right off the bat and Paul will get two…then one each for the rest of the known actors. Bringing the total to a whopping eight points.


I thought the acting was good…but not great. The standout for me was Donald Glover…he just had this “Billy Dee” vibe that I could not shake. I was seeing a young Lando…unfortunately I did not see a young Han. It would have been cool to see a little “Harrison Ford” in there…it just didn’t happen for me. There it is…not so crunchy, so let’s give it a chewie score of seven.


With the emerging demand for hyper fuel and other resources, Han Solo finds himself in the middle of a heist alongside other criminals, where future friends are met in an adventurous situation exposing the criminal underworld. I mean come on…a Han Solo origin story has been something I wanted for a long time.  How did he get started?  Where did he meet Chewbacca or Lando even? I liked how these questions were met. Ten points awarded…just because it’s what I and every fanboy always wanted.


The ending had a nice twist and a great cameo, but it felt a bit rushed.  Not to put a finer point on it, but I think you will like the ending if you are any type of fanboy. With the way they did it though, it was left with some holes. Could it be that they were planning a sequel? I don’t know about that, but seven points are given anyway.


This is where the movie dropped the ball for me.  There were holes all the way through the story…it was as if they just wanted to answer the questions but were in a hurry trying to link them together. I still liked the story…not enough to give any more than six points, however. I will stick to my guns that they released this movie too soon and rushed the story.


Favorite Quote:

“Let me give you some advice. Assume everyone will betray you and you will never be disappointed.”



“You need an incredibly fast ship and a brilliant pilot.” CGI is the most important thing in a Sci-Fi film…for me anyway.  There are always exceptions to that rule, but I want alien races and spaceship battles. There was a lot of good stuff here, but it did not completely blow me away. Solo gets awarded a respectable nine points.


I want a Sci-Fi movie to have a lot of action…give me a space battle and laser blasts going back and forth. This had some solid violence but could have used a bit more. This is one time where an R rating would probably not have helped. The bowling ball rolls down the lane and scores eight pins.


Pace is very important for me…when a movie drags in spots, it tends to take away from the story. For this one, I would have liked a bit more character development. There were also a couple of slow pieces; which created some of the holes in the story. It was better than a five but not as good as a seven…so six points go to this Star Wars story.

Solo & Chewie



I would like to see some more space in this one…there was a lot more planetary stuff happen than I expected. Still enjoyable…you can tell they are travelling from planet to planet. There is just enough stuff to give six points. Plus as an added bonus (not so spoiler alert) you get to see the Millennium Falcon.


Something about space movies (like “Serenity” or “The Fifth Element”) makes me want a little comedy. I guess it’s that I don’t want to take them too seriously or it could be that I want them to have a little fun while flying around. There were a couple of good belly laughs… So The Lowedown will give them seven points.

My Score: 7.4

Despite all the negativity surrounding “Solo: A Star Wars Story”, I had a good time watching it. Sure it had some issues, but I liked the references to the moves of a long time ago… in a galaxy far, far away. I must admit I got a little nostalgic… Particularly at the end. I think this is definitely worth a look on video or maybe a matinee showing on the big screen… I’ll let the force guide your way.

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