The Lowedown on “Incredibles 2” (PG – Theatrical – US)

Incredibles 2

Incredibles 2

Or: It’s like The Simpsons…why didn’t they age????

Genre: Animated/Comic


The cast returns minus one (Dash is replaced) for the long-awaited sequel.  Craig T. Nelson, Holly Hunter, Sarah Vowell, and the ICON formerly known as Samuel L. Jackson are back, baby!! It’s impressive that a movie that took fourteen years to make can keep the same cast. I will have to give it nine points…mad props to the cast for sticking it out.


As an animated movie, you can only get the acting ability of the actor by the emotion in there voice.  This was solid…I can’t recall any great standout moments except for Sarah Vowell as Violet. But there were not any moments where I didn’t feel what they were trying to get across…so I will give a respectable eight points.


Still unable to return to the limelight, the Parr family remains underground and anonymous. The tables have turned, however, as Elastigirl is recruited by a billionaire to begin giving heroes some positive PR…and Mr. Incredible is more like Mr. Mom. It’s a nice and simple one-eighty that makes for a great sequel…so I’m throwing a tenner their way.


In a comic book movie, I want and ending that puts the protagonists into a seemingly impossible situation. I feel they successfully one-upped the original…if for nothing else then them adding more. Maximum points awarded for how they finished it off!! Did they leave an opening for a third film? You will have to watch it to find out…I’m not going to spoil that are you silly?


The story was great…but not perfect.  There was a beginning, middle, an end…I was just looking for a little more in the future.  Hang on, I am trying to picture violet and Dash in their twenties…I said Dash, cause it sounded creepy when I said I wanted to picture just violet in her twenties.  So nine points will be awarded…let me add those while I try to unsee what I just imaging.

GENRE: Animated

Elastigirl to the recue

FAVORITE QUOTE: “If you wanna get out of the hole, first you gotta put down the shovel.”


The biggest thing in an animated movie is that the voice overs are done well. This was excellent quality…enunciated and elegant with inflections of emotion; which lead to the acting score. I therefore award ten full points to the score.  As ten is the number, so shall the number equal to ten!!


The artwork is the second thing I want in an animated film. If this movie took fourteen years to make, it better be the best artwork EVER!! I felt this totally lived up to that…don’t get me wrong, I absolutely HATED waiting that long for a damn sequel. But it was worth the wait for such quality artwork…ten points get added to the score!!


I am expecting great songs in an animated film…”Moana” and “Coco” had some stellar music. This was not as good as that, but a solid score to set the tone for what was happening. Sorry guys…can’t give full points here.  So in spite that this movie is not supposed to be a musical…I award seven points for the music content.


I missed Jack Jack's first power??


How much is it like a comic book? Well it’s animated…you can’t get much more comic booky than that, right? Yes ‘comic booky’ is a technical term…there are even a few points that look like panels from an actual graphic novel.  However, since this is a ringer I cannot give full score for comic…nine points for Griffyndor!!


My thought it that you have all this stuff that defies the laws of physics…what I call a four-color universe. When you are met with a part of the story that doesn’t makes sense, It’s just one of those things you have to accept and move on. These things are funny to me…oh of course you can be on fire and not burn the ground. Well that’s part of it…I want a real belly laugh when I see these types of movies.  I definitely got it here…ten points for the good guys!!!


This officially gets my highest score of the year…well so far 🙂


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