The Weekly Lowedown 9/3 – 9/9

Have you paid your dues?

You just listen to The Lowedown on a dark and stormy night when the movies are coming down on Blu-Ray’s thick as lead.  You just remember to what The Lowedown says when the Earth quakes and the poison arrows fall from the sky and the pillars of my movie shelves shake.  The Lowedown just looks that big storm right in the eye and says, “Give me your best movie pal…I can take it!”

Have you paid your dues? Yes sir…Amazon just shipped it to me.

It may be big trouble in my Blu-Ray player, but I am ready for the positive and negative furies on the small screen.


BoykaHere’s The Lowedown on “Boyka: Undisputed IV” (R – 2016 – Bulgaria/US)…I’ve come here to save myself!!

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