Where Are We? (short)

Where Are We PosterGenre: Comedy, Short.
Starring: Luke Ostermiller, Adrian Eledge, Cali June, Tamika Caldwell, Alex Marin, R. Scott Glasgow, Sam Thompson.  
Year Of Release: 2017
Runtime: 7 Minutes
Director: Luke Ostermiller
Writer(s): Adrian Eledge & Luke Ostermiller
Synopsis: “A group of stoners get high during a stake-out, leading to disastrous results.” IMDB



“Where Are We?” is the latest short from LosteFilms and their decision to recreate a concept created by director Luke Ostermiller who came up with the idea in high school and even filmed a short for it back then.

The plot is very simple, which given runtime and genre it is definitely the best option. The gang arrives at an industrial park in their Mystery Wagon with plans to spend the night and try and catch a ghost on camera that has been spotted on the premises. Most of the gang only really care about getting high, Red has other plans for the gang which includes waiting until after the stakeout to get high. After no time at all Stoney and Daisy pressure Red into letting the get high, so the gang all jump in the back of the van and light up, this is where the hilarity ensues.

This would usually be where I break down the plot or give some extra detail, I don’t feel that’s necessary for “Where Are We?” not that there isn’t one, but the story is reliant on telling the jokes and I would hate to take that away from anybody. It is very much all about the characters who are wonderful parodies of the Scooby Gang you have director Luke Ostermiller as Stoney (Shaggy), writer Adrian Eledge as Red (Fred), Cali June as Daisy (Daphne), Tamika Caldwell as Valarie (Velma) and not to forget Scooby Doo who is hilariously called Doobie played by Alex Marin.
WAW gif 03Every member of the team delivers their parts to perfection, my two personal favourites were Stoney and Valarie, seeing “Shaggy” finally be a proper stoner is what we have all longed for, Luke executes it perfectly from his constant desire to get high to his fear of anything unknown, Valarie was also brilliant she just personified everything that made Velma so lovable in the cartoons. Matter of fact the entire team just amplifies all the stereotypes from the original show, my praise of Stoney and Valerie doesn’t mean I disliked the others. I adored Red and Daisy just tear through their sexual tension with crude and rude jokes that you always imagined in your dirty mind when you see Fred and Daphne.

The best thing about “Where Are We?” is their complete and dying commitment to pure satire and parody without any fear of people saying “that’s stupid”. Because that is the point, it so stupid but in the most genius, yet endearing way, along with the over top silliness there is a wonderful dashing of cartoonish transitions reminiscent of the Scooby Doo shows we all grew up on. The cartoonish transitions are amplified to the nth degree when you throw in the mix exaggerated sound effects and a cheesy laugh track that just makes the jokes land even better. The short fees like it were ripped right out of the 60s/70s with the kaleidoscopic opening and the recreation of clothing from the early cartoons. There is a great mixture of raunchy and crude humour mixed in with the externally but woefully underused slapstick, a staple of what made the animated show so funny which they have translated so well to live-action especially in the scene with the police officer at the end was ripped straight out of an episode, it was hilarious but also nostalgia-inducing.
WAW gif 05Overall, with a 7 minute runtime “Where Are We?” makes the best out of every single second it’s packed to the bri with hilarity and high-jinks. Given the runtime there is an obvious sacrifice of character development, that being said these characters being wonderful parodies of already known ones we kind of get what’s going on without it. “Where We Are?” serves as a proof-of-concept for a series that the crew have in the works and if the short is anything to go by, the series will be a rousing success especially given the inovation shown throughout, the ability to showcase the 5 characters in such hilarity and give the actors all enough time to flaunt their comedic chops is a recipe for a hit. Plus come on, who hasn’t wanted to see Shaggy and Scooby hotbox the Mystery Machine? Soon as I became selfaware in my teens that Shaggy was a full blown stoner, all I have wanted to see is the gang actually get high.

So I please, emplore you to check out @LosteFilms on Twitter and enjoy “Where Are We?” when it drops on Halloween and spread it amongst your friends, they’re a small indie with a big heart and this short deserves to get some love.


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