Day 15 – Santa Who?

Santa Who PosterGenre: Comedy, Christmas, Family, Fantasy.
Starring: Leslie Nielsen, Steven Eckholdt, Robyn Lively, Max Morrow, Tommy Davidson, Darren Frost, Karen LeBlanc.
Year Of Release: 2000
Certificate: U (UK)
Runtime: 88 Minutes
Director: William Dear
Synopsis: “Santa suffers a case of amnesia on the eve of his busiest season.” IMDB




A cheap and cheerful TV-movie, populated with a generous amount of over-acting, awful special effects and a cheesy story. But, as these factors generally make up the formula of a Christmas film, it works in places, but fails in others.

I say it fails, maybe it won’t for some, but it just really doesn’t sit with me as I find most TV-movies very droll, badly acted and cringe-worthy to watch with the cheap music, production and effects. It’s the actors, mostly Steven Eckholdt, who seem to think he’s funny and the centre of attention with lots of over-played gurning, physical comedy and bad puns, but he just comes over as very irritating and over acting as standard.
Santa Who 01Don’t expect Leslie Nielson to be his usual quick-fire self in the comedy stakes, as he spends 90% of his time here as a bumbling, confused and weary Santa who has to piece together his memory over 88mins thanks to the clichéd Christmas characters – the cynical man, the supportive woman, the wide-eyed child, the cranky TV exec, the smart elf…they’re all here and dish out family friendly fun and a story that, after all said and done, does have a heart to it somwhere towards the end, and behind all the other tacky TV-movie crap on show.

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