Fox Discussing Possibility of Selling Most of its Company to Disney

There are confirmed reports, primarily through CNBC, that Fox is considering selling off most of their company to Disney. Apparently, Fox is not going to be fully sold off to Disney, but instead they are primarily offering their film branch.

21st Century Fox are allegedly offering this part of the company as a way of streamlining themselves. They want to focus on their news and sports outlets. I assume this means Disney will not be buying Fox News.


So what does this mean?

First, it means that Disney may acquire more Marvel properties to add to their MCU. 21st Century Fox currently owns the movie rights to Fantastic Four and X-men.




Not only that, but it gives Disney a swath of other properties that could have a huge impact on sequels and reboots of popular franchises.


Secondly, it also means that Disney is going to become a larger force to be reckoned with. It already holds a monumental amount of properties, and acquiring another massive company will only solidify Disney’s hold on the market.


This is not to mention that Disney could utilize Fox’s influence in international markets, particularly European ones.


There is certainly much to worry about when thinking about how much more power Disney may acquire with this deal. For now, nothing has been confirmed.

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