Join The Crew!

JOIN MCWith “Movie Corner” continuing to grow, we are now looking to expand our crew, as it currently stands we can unfortunately NOT offer pay. But if you’re looking for a platform to have your words seen we would love to have you join the crew.

Send your applications to with the title of the position you’re are interested in as the subject. If you have any previous examples of articles/reviews please provide links if you do not have any previous articles give us a 300 or so word review of the latest film/TV  show you watched, it doesn’t have to be a new release.

In your application we’d like you to answer a couple of simple questions;

  • Why do you want to write for Movie Corner? (don’t be afraid to be honest, if you’ve only just found us, we’d like to know)
  • Who is your favourite director?
  • What is your favourite films/shows? (depending on position)
  • What is your social media?

A basic understanding of WordPress is preferred but not essential (it is very easy to pick up), what is essential though is a following of current films/tv (depending on position) as to keep the discussion current in contributions.

If you any further enquiries or questions don’t hesitate to email us at the address provided above. Below is a list of positions we are currently looking to fill;

New Release Movie Reviewer – Do you go to films day of release or early screenings (through whatever means) and enjoy writing about them? Then we have a spot for you at Movie Corner to help us deliver quick and relevant reviews to our followers. There is no “set limit” to the length of reviewers, preferably anything over 750 words would be best though, with no upper limit.

Movie/TV News Reporter – Covering all the latest movie/TV news, to keep up to date with news as soon as becomes available to the public.

List Feature – Do you enjoy compiling lists? We are looking to expand into some list articles (not specifically top 5/10 films) we are looking for lists of related information that fall under the “pop culture” umbrella.
“Specialist” Movie Reviewer – Do you have a passion for a specific genre/subgenre or area of film? We would love to talk about adding your expertise to the site. With application please include 5 potential list ideas you would like to do. (We are looking for at least (no upper limit) 2 lists a month submitted to the site)

TV Reviewer – Games Of Thrones, Walking Dead, Arrowverse, Agents Of SHIELD, Westworld, Vikings, Marvel Netflixverse do any of these shows pique your interest and you feel you could review them weekly? Then hit us up! (or if there is any other show you are passionate about to review weekly we can talk about it).

Feature Writer – Do you have ideas for features? Are there subjects you are passionate about that you could speak at length and open up discussion with? Then we would love to hear from you.

Fancaster – Have a passion for picking your favourite actors/actresses to play fictional characters? We will be doing a fortnightly/monthly segment on the site in which writers will cast either fictional characters/stories recommended by readers or fellow contributors wanting to give each other a challenge. (Yes, the name is ridiculous sounding, don’t worry it’s not just you, but it fits for what it is meant to be, we can decide a better name at a later date).

Video Game Reviewer – POSSIBILITY, we are considering moving into video game reviewing, check our social media for updates.

Video Game News Reporter – POSSIBILITY, we are considering moving into covering the video game industry check our social media for updates.