Partners & Friends

Since our inception as just a little blog we have made some great friends who are also obsessed with the world of Film and TV and the culture that surrounds it. As we continue to grow we are meeting more and more wonderful websites and even solo ventures, here are some of the people and teams we are honoured to call friends of the site. Even some of our wonderful team before joining up wit us had their own sites/blogs check them out too!

Our Team!
Steve J Donahue
Nathan Osborne – Perks Of Being Nathan
David Lowe – The Lowedown

Sites & Reviewers!
Jumpcut Online
HC Movie Reviews
What About The Twinkie?
Embarr Films
What The Craggus Saw
Real-Time Write-Ups
Grog’s Movie Blog
UK Horror Scene
The Slaughtered Bird

Digital Artists;
SG Posters
Poster Posse
Jurassic Kevin