Review: Happy Death Day


Well guys, I’ll tell you what. From the few reviews I read, I bought a ticket to this flick anticipating a more hilarious, more cringeworthy version of Wish Upon. And yes… some of the dialogue did unintentionally make me laugh. Yes, a small chunk of this movie was full of cringe. And of course, this movie plays it really lose with their rules.


But honestly, for what it’s worth, I did enjoy Happy Death Day for what it was: a cheap, gimmicky, cliche horror movie that was just self-aware enough to give some of the film a pass.


Here’s a summary of Happy Death Day in 20 words or less:

It’s “Groundhog Day” if Bill Murray was a bitchy, blonde, college girl who gets killed by a psychopath every night.



Performance-wise, this movie is actually competent. It certainly helps that our main character is SUPPOSED to be irritating, unlikable, and bratty. If she wasn’t, then a lot of her dumb lines wouldn’t be nearly as passable. But because we’re supposed to hate our main character, the film somehow gets away with much of the stupid dialogue.


That said, even though our protagonist does get to a point where her character arc reaches a satisfying conclusion, they do stumble around with how she actually gets there. I remember, at one point in the film, she realizes “Wow, I’m a bad person.” And all I thought was, “Wait, how did you get to that point? I don’t remember when exactly you started figuring that out.”

Throughout the entire sequence of her live-die-repeat cycle, the film finds plenty of ways to be entertaining, but they never get to a place where they could be applauded for their ingenuity or creativity. I mean, the character is supposed to be a dumb college bimbo, but even then, I was thinking of some pretty simple methods for her to avoid death, or at the very least, find out who her killer is (girl, the person stabs you up close, how about one time that you die, try grabbing at their mask to find out who killed you…? No? Okay then.)




All the other characters are your standard, cut-and-paste type of college horror characters, but none of them are so lazily bad as to be infuriating.


The soundtrack was… okay. The song that they picked for her ringtone was not the one in the trailers; it was something that was more obnoxious and nonsensical, considering this girl acts like she doesn’t want people to know that it’s her birthday. Yeah, whenever I try to avoid people knowing it’s my birthday, I make sure that my ringtone sings “Iiiiit’s mah birthday.”




Also, the reason for the baby mask on the killer is because it’s the school’s mascot, and everyone has those masks. It’s funny, because the movie seems aware that having a college’s mascot be “The Babies” is stupid, because they never flat out SAY it’s their mascot, but they still went with the idea anyway because they didn’t give a crap.


There’s a few other dumb plot elements that I could bring up, but I honestly don’t have the drive to do so.


So is this movie stupid? Yes, but not so much as to merit a rage-induced response.

Is the movie cringeworthy and unintentionally funny? Yes, but only during a small handful of times, rendering it impossible to be called a “so-bad-it’s-good” film.

Is the movie entertaining? Yes, but not so much as to forgive its bouts of laziness to be called a “good movie”.


So go see Happy Death Day! Or don’t.

That’s it. That’s all I got.


4 out of 10.

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