Review: Wonder Woman

Considering James Cameron just gave some odd critiques about this movie today, I figured why not talk about it today?


I was really looking forward to this film when it came out. The only real reason for this was because I had an extreme emotional investment in seeing if Warner Brothers / DC finally found someone to pull their heads out of their colons.


Now this movie garnered multiple controversies even before Cameron decided he wanted to be relevant today.

There were multiple times where I saw feminists claiming that Warner Brothers did no advertising for this movie in hopes that it would fail because patriarchy. Not only is this definitively not true as I (and numerous other people that called this woman out on her BS) have seen dozens of advertisements for this movie, but I find it hilarious that people genuinely believe that a studio would spend $150 million on a movie and then hope that it fails because they hate women that much. It’s absolutely mind-boggling.

Then there’s Lebanon who really did hate Wonder Woman so much that they banned the movie in their country because Gal Gadot is Israeli.


So yeah, onto the review…


Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman does a really good job. The movie gives her a lot of opportunities to shine as a character, and it made it really easy to root for her. The chemistry she has with Chris Pine‘s character, Steve, genuinely made both of them that much more interesting, and the movie generates a lot of humor due to Diana having such a culture shock from the outside world while Steve is trying as hard as he can to keep up with her.


The rest of the cast is, in a very general sense, fine. Almost every character introduction does extremely well, but as they continue to develop each character, the movie tended to stumble all over itself because of the dialogue.



The action in this movie is well done. There’s quite a few times where they utilize slow-motion for no reason, but it’s never done so much to be obnoxious.

This movie is actually pretty good in regards to the very middle of the story, provided you can get through some of the cheesy, lazy, and/or cliche dialogue.




Where this movie really fails is literally the beginning and the end.


The very start of the movie is just an unfortunate generic childhood-to-adulthood hero story that serves very little purpose other than to shove a mountain of exposition into the movie and to try as hard as they can to make child Diana look cool and badass. Every time I watched one of the characters do something that looked like character development, it was either contradicted literally five minutes later, or it was just an action that amounted to nothing. The movie doesn’t get interesting until Chris Pine comes into the movie, and it doesn’t become a worthwhile movie until they finally leave Paradise Island.




The ending of the movie is one of the cheesiest endings I’ve seen in a long time. It eventually got so ridiculous, cliche, and overdone that I had to hold back laughter. And I can’t really explain why without spoiling the movie, so here’s a spoiler warning…



So Wonder Woman has finally found Ares, the god of war, and they’re duking it out, and Ares is trying to convince her that humans are a waste of space and should all be annihilated. So as Wonder Woman is getting beaten around by him, suddenly, Steve makes the final sacrifice to save thousands of lives by blowing up a German plane he’s in filled with toxic gas so that it doesn’t hit London.

And then as Wonder Woman sees this happening and humorously whispers “Steeeeeve” over and over again, the plane blows up and she loses it, and she then slaughters every single German soldier on the air base they’re fighting on, and Ares does this Palpatine-like thing where he relishes in her hatred… and then… not even thirty seconds later, as Ares then tries to get her to go one step further and kill the poison lady, she stops, and tells Ares that… Love. Is. The. Answer.

Yes, that’s right, Wonder Woman decides that yes, humans suck, but not really, because love.

And as soon as she realizes that love is the answer… she obliterates Ares without him landing a single shot, as if to imply that Wonder Woman’s knowledge of Hollywood’s cliched ideas of love trumped Ares’s fighting advantage demonstrated through the rest of the fighting scene, and this love was discovered as she was sending thirty Germans to their death. It was dumb. It was laughably dumb.

The movie then ends with Wonder Woman jumping off a tall building into a hero stance for no reason.

The end.





It would also not hurt to mention that this movie occasionally dabbles in identity politics for almost no reason.

Also… I don’t know why they established a character as a “talented sharpshooter” and then show him failing to shoot in every single scene that he tries to.



So yeah, if you go watch Wonder Woman, come in twenty minutes late and leave fifteen minutes early, and you will see a genuinely decent movie. As a whole though, there’s a lot to criticize. The dialogue is often generic and cheesy, and some of the film doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. What really makes this movie enjoyable is Gal Gadot and Chris Pine interacting with each other and the other characters.

As it stands, Wonder Woman is currently the best DC movie, but that’s only because Batman V Superman and Suicide Squad were absolute monstrosities, and I’m giving this movie a

5 out of 10.

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