Speilberg’s Amblin Entertainment options WW II novel

According to THR Stephen Spielberg’s Amblin Entertainment is planning to bring Judy Batalion’s novel “Daughters of the Resistance: Valor, Fury, and the Untold Story of Women Resistance Fighters in Hitler’s Ghettos” to the big screen, the novel was written by the granddaughter of a holocaust survivor.

Spielberg and Amblin are getting ahead of the rest with this one, the book isn’t set to be published until 2020 and they have already signed it up. Batalion wrote the proposal which “promises a narrative history unveiling the previously untold story of young Jewish women and girls who fought in the Resistance against the Nazis” and is based on her “original discovery of these women’s firsthand accounts in Yiddish.”

There is currently no word on who will be directing the film, but we do know DreamWorks Pictures will do the duties of bringing it to the big screen with Batalion herself serving as co-producer. It is looking unlikely at this moment that Spielberg will direct given his incredibly busy slate over the next few years, but only time will tell.

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