The Do-Over review

The Do-Over PosterGenre: Comedy, Action

Starring: Adam Sanlder, David Spade, Paula Patton, Kathryn Hahn, Nick Swardson, Sean Astin, Natasha Leggero, Michael Chiklis, Matt Walsh, Renee Taylor

Year Of Release: 2016 (Netflix)

Certificate: 15 (UK) PG-13 (US)

Runtime: 108 Minutes

Director: Steven Brill

Synopsis: Two down-on-their-luck guys decide to fake their own deaths and start over with new identities, only to find the people they’re pretending to be are in even deeper trouble. IMDB

It has been a long time since Adam Sandler delivered anything even remotely close to his great work of the 1990s and early 2000s, to be perfectly honest the last time I properly enjoyed a Sandler film was back in 2010 when he released Comedy ensemble “Grown Ups” in which David Spade also starred. He seems to have half-assed some of his performances which is unfortunate because I have paid to watch some crap in the past 8 years, I mean I paid money to watch “Jack and Jill” based on that alone I shouldn’t give this man any benefit of the doubt but I keep going back.

“The Do-Over” is the second film in the exclusive Netflix deal Adam Sandler signed a couple of years ago, first film he recently under this deal was “The Ridiculous 6” replacing all the awfulness of that film with people who actually know what they’re doing. “The Do-Over” tells the story of Charlie McMillan (Spade) a middle-aged man living a live full of depressing circumstances enough to bring the most rational person to their knees, married to the woman he’s loved since school but she’s still dating her ex also the step-father to twin sons who treat him like garbage. Charlie bumps into high school buddy Max Kessler (Sandler) who claims he is now an FBI agent living his dream life, Max deciding that Charlie deserves better makes the selfish decision to fake their deaths and take on two identities of recently deceased men. Finding out the two recently deceased men had a safety deposit box with millions of dollars and house in Puerto Rico, has their luck finally changed? Can they keep us the charade? Will the past come back to bite them?

Sandler & Spade

The story is nothing groundbreaking, we have seen the premise a hundred times before this time with its own twists but they certainly will not be winning awards for originality. That being said, it by no means delivers the cliched jokes you are expecting, it picks up where previous Action/Comedies have been in recent years and gives the Sandler tweaked you’d see in his earlier work. Don’t get me wrong there is still bits and pieces of Sandler’s idiocy which has to be involved but the story also pulls on the heartstrings in a way you will not expect given the leading roles.

The Sandler/Spade repartee is one of my favourite dynamics they have a perfect chemistry due to their similar comedic style, they really bounce of each other in a great way in a similar vein to Hill and Tatum in the Jump Street films. They aren’t the only funny ones in the film, Luis Guzman has a brief appearance in the film during their time in Puerto Rico and while it is deeply disgusting it is extremely hilarious plus Paula Patton was a great break from the comedic onslaught but she still delivers some funny lines too. Plus lets not forget Kathryn Hahn who is as funny as she always is, she never fails to deliver belly laughs in anything she does this time is no different, while I would have liked to see more of her it was most definitely the best decision to have her in a smaller supporting role because when she pops up she comes with great lines and delivery.

Sandler, Spade & Patton

Overall, I found the film to be a great Action/Comedy similar in vein to the likes of “Ride Along”, “Let’s Be Cops” and the “Jump Street” films I personally rank it up their with them can only imagine if say Kevin Hart and Ice Cube or Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum this film would do $100 million plus easily. I realise Sandler has stigma attached to his name, but even the greats falter hopefully this is Sandler brushing  off his shoulders and getting back to what made him a global sensation. If you are looking for a nice simple 90 minute Comedy then this is definitely one you should check it, it is becoming harder and harder to find sub 120 minute Comedy films so this is a nice breath of fresh air in this 2 hour Dramedy trend Hollywood is in.


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