The Lowedown on “Peppermint” (R – Theatrical – US)



Here’s The Lowedown on “Peppermint” (R – Theatrical – US)

Genre: Action/OMA (One woMan Army)


Or: “Jennifer Garner’s back in the action genre?  <giggle>”

When I heard that Jennifer Garner was doing another action movie, I was really excited. I just couldn’t bear watching her in those foo-foo movies. It’s like watching Shaq do an insurance commercial…oh wait. The trailers looked straightforward and I got what I wanted out of the film.  So while I wait and hope let’s break this movie up like Elektra and get the Lowedown on this film.


Aside from Jennifer Garner and John Ortiz, I did not really recognize anyone else by name. There were a couple I have seen before but did not remember their names. I cannot go higher than six points because of this. I know it’s not a good way to start off, but maybe it’ll make up for it in violence


I think Jen is a solid actress…she can ugly cry with the best of them.  Her eyes can always show fear and anger unlike other actresses (yes I’m thinking about the glazed look of Kristen Stewart). There were some performances that were meh, but all in all a solid effort. Seven points for Hufflepuff!


Five years after her husband and daughter are killed in a senseless act of violence, a woman comes back from self-imposed exile to seek revenge against those responsible and the system that let them go free.  It’s a simple and seemingly overused plot…only I don’t see this very often with a female lead. It could be this was not written for Jen but I’m glad she was in it…eight points!


This is where everything comes to a head…the huge battle and the twist…The lead gets the job done and closure is achieved. Well, you get that, but no fringe benefits…it was like expecting your burger to be stuffed with cheese but it was just a burger. It still tasted good, so I’ll throw them a seven.


The story was rushed a bit…a little too much character development and not enough transformation.  It was like she went from “oh phooey, I burned the darn muffins” to one scene with the sailors running out…what up with that? Oh well…six points for the holes in the story.

This is det're about to blow up

Favorite Quote: “We know everything, but we cannot prove anything.”

Genre: Action


Jen has not lost her touch in the violence department.  I believed it and it was well done…except for a small hitch in the gunplay.  I consider these as comic book movies as a ‘four color universe’ (meaning the Hollywood guns and the violation of the laws of physics need not apply to the score), so I did not ding them too much.  Nine points for this action movie.


I have said this a hundred times…pace is really important with an action movie.  There were some minor pace issues in the beginning due to the overused character development.  I, therefore, score this movie with a good but not great seven points. It’s respectable but could have been better.


Yes, with an action movie I want good F/X…who wouldn’t.  Unlike Sci-Fi or Fantasy, I do not want a whole lot of CGI.  I understand it in some cases, but you shouldn’t need it too much in a straight up action flick.  The stunts were well done but not perfect…so Peppermint gets eight points.

I missed you, Jen

Sub-Genre: OMA (One Man Army)

The sub-genre of the OMA or One Man Army is a new one to review.  After movies like John Wick, The Equalizer, and Jack Reacher there has been a need for a new type of action movie.  With that, there are some new aspects to score…things that I want out of a one man, or in this case one woman army.


When watching a one-man army movie…I want a crapload of minions that are no threat.  However, the main villain must be a danger to the protagonist…like I would be worried about the OMA having to face that guy after going through all the grunts.


Another thing I want in an OMA movie is the buildup.  Start off small and make me worry about the lead…then get to where I think there is nothing she can’t do…culminating with a big action scene at the end that again makes me worry again that she might not win. I got want I wanted out of it, so I’ll add eight points to the score.

Total Score: 7.3

If you are looking for an Oscar-winning performance, then you really have no business going to see this movie. If you are looking for a straight up no frills action flick…this is a good watch.  Could you wait for the video release?  Sure you can…I think it would play fine on the small screen. It’s no John Wick after all…but a solid effort to bring Jen back into the genre.

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