The Lowedown on “The Equalizer 2” (R – Theatrical – US)

Equalizer 2

“The Equalizer 2”

Or: “He was scarier with his head shaved.”

 Genre: Action/Thriller

The Equalizer 2

When I heard this was coming, I had such anticipation. John Wick 2 was so close to the first that I couldn’t wait for this one to hit the big screen. It was a little disappointing that the movie could not live up to the original…but I still liked it a lot. Let’s get the tea bag and the spoon ready for this instalment of The Lowedown and break this movie down OCD style!


Denzel Washington returns to tackle the role of Robert McCall…that’s worth four points! We also have the return of Melissa Leo and Bill Pullman and that’s worth another two points. I’ll close it out with one point for the addition of Pedro Pascal…This is the 3rd big role I have seen him in, so his point total is about to get a lot bigger (Kingsman: The Golden Circle and The Great Wall). That will bring the score to seven out of the gate.


Denzel always shines as an actor…I can feel his emotions and he never disappoints. Melissa Leo and Bill Pullman were good, but I give mad props to Ashton Sanders; who plays this film’s hard luck story. This earns a respectable eight points to the total.


Robert McCall has been helping the innocent and standing up for justice and respect…but when his dear friend is killed he comes out of hiding to get to the cause and to make sure those responsible pay the ultimate price.  The plot is a little vanilla, but still worth its mustard when you are considering those involved.  Throwing eight points for a solid yet worn plot.


Here’s is my recipe for a great ending…insurmountable odds with a pinch of a background event to add tension, stir in lots of explosions and gunfire and bring to a boil with an innocent in danger. It’s takes an even braver man to stand up to his friends…I award ten points to Neville Longbottom!!


The predictable nature of the story loses a little bit of weight for me. It’s still solid, but I knew what was going to happen before it happened. Still a good story, although There are a few dragged parts I was able to get the closure I wanted. With that, I will award seven points and seven points is what I award.

Favorite Quote: “There are two kinds of pain in this world…the pain that hurts, the pain that alters.”

You know what time it is...

Genre: Action


Of course, it’s violent…about the same amount of violence as the first. It seems like a new ‘one man army’ era has formed with John Wick, Robert McCall, and Jack Reacher out in front. When you know the character and what makes him mad…you can’t help but feel sorry for the bad guys when they do it. Ten points are given happily to the score.


The pace has to be epic with the action genre and this doesn’t quite stack up.  There were a few slow parts that take away from the overall excitement of the film.  It was like the difference between running on level ground and running uphill…you have to work a little harder to get over it but it’s rewarding when you reach the top.  Seven points for a good but not great pace.


The effects are top notch…just a little issue with the CGI that caused a blur at the end so I can’t award full points.  It’s directed by Antoine Fuqua, so the camerawork and visuals are amazing…he can really get his point across from the other side of the lens.  Let’s give Equalizer 2 a score of nine for tis aspect…well done.

I better get a 5 star rating

Sub-Genre: Thriller


“I’m going to kill each and every one of you…and the disappointing thing for me is I only get to do it once.” The intensity was really good but not as good as the first. That intensity factor is when you are sitting in your seat doing what I call “White-Knuckling it”; which means you are gripping the seat in anticipation for the ball to drop. I’ll give this a respectable eight points.


You know there has to be a twist for a Thriller to give you what you want.  There is a good twist here, but you can see it coming a mile off. I could spoil it, but that would be just wrong…I will leave it for you to make that sandwich yourself. I will cap it all off with seven points.

My Score: 8.1

Yes, my friends, this is a full point lower than the first film, but solid scores for all aspects. The steak may be under seasoned, but it’s still a steak. Throw some salt on that puppy and have fun with it…just make sure you throw some over your shoulder for good luck. I hope it does well enough in the theater to make a third one…they should close it out as a trilogy. It’s ok…I can wait.


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