The Weekly Lowedown 10/22-10/29

Chief Brody?


I just found out, that a girl got killed here last week, and you knew it! You knew there was a shark out there! You knew it was dangerous! But you let people go swimming anyway? You knew all those things! But still my boy is dead now. And there’s nothing you can do about it. My boy is dead. I wanted you to know that.

I’m sorry, Martin. She’s wrong.

No, she’s not.

I first watched Jaws when I was 6 years old (in the theater…yes I’m that old). I got a little shark happy this week, so I had to tip my hat to the original…the movie that kept me out of the water until I was 10.

Now grab your towel and your popcorn…it’s time for this past week’s Lowedown!!


Spider-manHere’s The Lowedown on “Spider-Man: Homecoming” (PG-13 – 2017 – US)…Like a teenage Deadpool!!

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